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Per UNIT: £2.87

Per BOX 12pcs/: £34.42

Expire Date :February  2021



Peptide Infusion Rejuvenating Treatment

Effectively Smoothes Wrinkles Corrects Skin Imperfections And Discolouration

Micro-Peel-Active Technology®

Peptide Complex

Blue Collagen®

Stabilised Vitamin C

Spectacular Effect Of Skin Renewal 

Peptide Infusion Rejuvenating Treatment acts like a concentrated “injection of energy” for the skin, effectively invigorates and smoothes mimic lines. Reduces skin imperfections and dull tone, restoring radiant look to the complexion. Formula of the treatment contains high, but safe for the skin 5% content of glycolic acid that lightens discolouration, shallows wrinkles. Fully stable vitamin C of the new generation restores radiance to the skin and reduces symptoms of fatigue. Latest generation peptides have anti-wrinkle action, help the skin restore proper tension and elasticity.

Formula, rich in

Blue Collagen®, called the ”protein of youth”, spectacularly firms and allows to maintain young look of the skin for a long time.

Micro-Peel-Active Technology® – Exfoliation Of The Latest Generation

Micro-Peel-Active Technology® is the modern technology of active exfoliation that in a safe way supports the cycle of epidermis renewal.

Effectively ensures better penetration of the active ingredients for their comprehensive invigorating and rejuvenating action.

Application: Apply mornings and evenings onto the cleansed face skin, avoiding eye and lip area. When absorbed apply a care cream. Use daily or 2 times a week, depending on the degree of skin sensitivity.

Notice: Do not use onto damaged epidermis. During the treatment and for 4 weeks after its completion avoid intense sunshine and solarium.

Caution: redness, gentle burning or tingling, which are a natural skin reaction, may occur during application. Should these symptoms persist or intensify, discontinue to use the product. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.