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Per BOX 24pcs/: £60.93

BODY DETOX is a treatment involving the use of ionization to eliminate toxins through the open pores of the skin. Stimulates micro-circulation, stimulates cell metabolism, fights cellulite and eliminate the edema caused by impaired lipid and fluid retention. BODY DETOX breakthrough technology Cellu-Detox-Slim is based on an extract of green coffee, the complex PURISOFT and complex slimming INTENSLIM, corrects irregularities in the metabolism of the cells due to the presence of toxins.


Advanced active ingredients: The peptide detoxifying PURISOFT ™ , complex INTENSLIM ™ and ginger extract of Globularia cardifolia, GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT, Caffeine, ALGA FUCUS VESICULOSUS, Kigelia AFRICANA

EFFECTS 4D✓ Fights stubborn cellulite 89%✓ Removes excess of fluids 79%✓ Speeds up the fat burning process in the cells✓ Cooling formula✓ Elimination of toxins✓ Stimulates lymphatic drainageApplicationTwice a day in a circular motion massage the preparation in the skin of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. A light, non-greasy texture pleasant to spread and rapidly absorbed.Capacity: 250ml

Slim Extreme 4D Detox Green Coffee Body Serum Slimming&Drainage